ATLANTIQUE THERMIQUE wood and biomass boilers


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ATLANTIQUE THERMIQUE designs, manufactures and installs biomass boilers in a lot of countries for over 30 years, especially in Africa and Antilles for indutries of wood, cocoa, sugar cane, palm oil...
A lot of reputable African companies already trust us, in the wood or agribusiness sector, and we have also many good references in Antilles, especially in the rum industry. Most of our custumers are known throughout the world.


All these references brought us to cope with the industrial demand. Thanks to our ongoing research activity, we are indeed able to manage the combustion and consequently the recovery of many vegetal wastes such as cocoa shells, palm, sugar cane, wood wastes etc., in order to provide you with energy.
Moreover, our partners in the Group COMPTE-R allow us to satisfy a variety of needs with a large range of boilers.


Beyond providing powerful equipment, ATLANTIQUE THERMIQUE proposes an array of services : packaging, transport, assembly, commissioning, personnel training, maintenance, periodic requalifiaction, after-sale service, spare parts...

logos partenairesOUR EXPORT PARTNERS

In order to help us with our export development, we work with severals well known organizations, such as La COFACE, Ubifrance, la CCI Internationale Aquitaine, le CBSOA..
We accompany them on missions, business trip and business conventions so that we can meet you in your country.

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Z.A. Auguste - Chemin des Fossés
Tél. 33 (0)5 57 89 13 20
Fax 33 (0)5 57 26 81 47

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